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I thought it might be a cool idea to write a blog comparing Reno and Munich, my two homes.

I love to catch Germans off guard by telling them, when they don’t know where Reno, Nevada is, that Germany and Nevada are actually pretty close in size! (I used to think that Nevada was twice as big, but I just looked it up and I guess it’s not.) The area size of Nevada is 110,567 sq mi or 286,367 km² and Germany is 137,847 sq mi or 357,021 km².

Reno is quite often called “The Biggest Little City in the World,” as you can see in the picture below. I looked it up, and it has a population of only 108,480 people! (Dachau, as it turns out, has 40,570 people…but I’m making a comparison with Munich for another reason) Munich has a population of 1,494,608 people!

Now, Reno, as a tourism/casino city, has quite it’s fair share of skyscrapers! The Reno skyline looks like this:

Munich, however, is basically skyscraper-less. If you take a look at the picture in my blog heading you can see the skyline of Munich. I love the fact that the Alps are in the background of that picture and the Sierra Nevadas are in the background of the Reno skyline picture! There is, however, a story about why there are no skyscrapers in Munich…

The city walls of Munich were built in 1634, during the Thirty Years War, in order to keep the impending Swedish army out of the city. A short while after the wall was built, the people of Munich passed a law that no building was allowed to be built higher than the Frauenkirche (The Church of our Lady, the Mother Mary) which was constructed from 1468 to 1488 and completed with the addition of green copper domes in 1525, making it 100 meters tall. Back in the 17th century, the city looked like this:

During World War II, about 80% of the inner city of Munich was bombed, but when they reconstructed the city, they decided to uphold this law, which is why Munich has retained it’s “small town” feel even though it is a worldly metropolis. That’s why there are no skyscrapers in the city, and today it looks like this:

I like to think that since I’ve gone from the Biggest Little City to the Littlest Big City, that I’m really not too far away from either home!


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